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Just popping up to say hi and also encourage anyone who is interested to respond to this [livejournal.com profile] dean_layla community challenge!

This challenge is open for artists, vidders, and writers in all genres. The following topics are offered:

1. Dean and Sam Winchester run afoul of one Special Agent Eunice Bloom, who is investigating a particularly gruesome murder.

2. In the original shooting of "Faith," the ending scene in the motel room reportedly included a kiss between Dean and Layla. Does Dean ever think about that kiss? Did it really happen, or only in his mind? Did he ever mention it to Sam?

3. Years after the events of "Faith," Sam and/or Dean see someone who remind(s) them of Layla. What happens next? Is she real, or has she changed in some way we - or Dean, or Sam - do not understand at first?

4. In an AU, Layla's tumor is cured. How might this happen, and are there repercussions?

5. One of the most interesting things that Layla said about her situation was, "You can't just have faith when the miracles happen; you have to have it when they don't." How do you think Dean or Sam might react to hearing this today, years later?

6. What if Sam had been the one whose heart was damaged by the electrification? It's pretty much a given that Dean would have exhausted all options to save his brother's life. But how might the story have been different?

7. The story in "Faith" is illustrative of the struggle between good and evil, and the gray areas that can exist and make it hard sometimes to know exactly what is good, and what is evil. This is a theme throughout the show. What if Layla had turned out to be a tool of someone who manipulated her goodness for an ultimately evil end? Show us how this is revealed, and how it ends.

Pick one, let us know what you're up to in the comments, and then post away as soon as you're ready. No deadlines, no pressure. Just good clean fun! :D

In other news, there are quite a few Dean/Layla vids out there. Here's one, along with links to more. Enjoy!

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